A very different epic fantasy of a reluctant Lady Merlin and a boy Arthur who doesn’t want to be king.

In dying Camelot, a Druid princess is reborn to save King Arthur and smash the Saxon armies swarming into Britain, the last outpost of Roman civilization. But merlins live backward in time and this Lady Merlin, old and wise in Arthur’s youth, is young, inexperienced, hot-blooded and a lot less wise when she discovers she must make a king of an unwilling boy, a Guenevere of a greedy princess, and a Round Table out of a rabble of knights and ladies who would rather squabble among themselves than quest after the dream of Camelot.

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Next, a horror story set in a year strangely unfixed to remind us all that at the borders of every man’s and woman’s mind are bizarre and terrifying things always ready to fill the empty spaces made by fright and failure.

Harry Royhatten, his wife and son seek a fresh start in life after too much failure and despair but find themselves cast adrift in dream and delusion in a Burma too many and too few can truly know.

At first, Royhatten believes too little in the phantoms that haunt the jungle city of Rangoon.

Later, he believes too much, and sinks into adultery, arson and murder.  Until he finds a horrific solution to all his frights, and becomes himself another bizarre legend in the jungle city.

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