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We aim to produce ebooks that offer good reading with coffee, on the beach or in a foxhole. Some of us love coffee, some love the beach and none of us was happy in a foxhole. If our books give you some delight when you are doing what you love, and some relief when you are not, then we have done our job.

New Releases in Westerns

A classy classic Western series about a young man named Ronas who is the town trash with no hope and no future until Marshal Wyatt Earp tosses him an outlaw’s gun and hauls him into a wild chase after the toughest gunfighters in the territory.  This Western noir at its toughest and grittiest, true to the Old West of hard times and high hopes.


New Release in Horror

A story of psychological horror set in a year strangely unfixed to remind us all that at the borders of every man’s and woman’s mind are bizarre and terrifying things always ready to fill the empty spaces made by fright and failure.

Harry Seaburn Crime Capers

Harry Seaburn is rough, tough, running on empty and he wants a good woman, anybody’s good woman, but he has anti-social habits (like robbing and shooting people) and what good woman would want him?  Here is a wry and semi-hard-boiled noir thriller series in seven books.

Harry Seaburn 02 - Hight Resolution      Harry Seaburn 03 - Hight Resolution      Harry Seaburn 04 - Hight Resolution

Harry Seaburn 05 - Hight Resolution      Harry Seaburn 06 - Hight Resolution     Harry Seaburn 07b - Hight Resolution

Gritty Thrillers

Stealing a fortune is easy, keeping it is murder!

A dying world, a dying man, a child to be saved in the revolutionary chaos of Iran, 1978.

Soldiers - High Resolution - GreenA kingdom to lose, a fortune to steal among desert nomads along the Gulf of Oman, 1979.

Two assassins, one mistake, zero chance to survive – Mallorca, 1980.

War Stories

A helicopter shrieks out of the night sky over Vietnam, crashing in enemy country, and a war-battered company of infantry soldiers slog into murderous Viet Cong Valley to the rescue, each man adrift in a bizarre and private fantasy he desperately believes will keep him alive.

War is great addictive fun and Corbett Brown is anxious to make war and become a hero on his first combat patrol, but he does not to die trying.

He was called “Hot Shot” in the war zone because he had to fight to go to war, fight to get into the war and fight to stay there, then he had to fight to get out of the war.   Because is not like like – one damn thing after another – but one dead man after another, one moment of terror, one instant of courage, one demand to be true, all of it wild, crazy and nonstop.

Was it murder in the combat zone or merely a tiger that killed Sandi’s first true love?  When Johnny’s bones are brought one years later, Sandi must know, and know why since his death she feels she has been living in the wrong life.

At the edge of the Antarctic Sea, a dying man lies in a hammock at his own wake watching the waddle past of penguins and delirious with the memory of wartime horrors for which he seeks but cannot yet give himself redemption.

Fantasy & Space Opera

Conquering the universe with a nine iron and a raygun, here is rollicking space opera telling the grand story of a young man adventuring across the cosmos in pursuit of fame, glory and just a little bit of fortune, even though far too many of the other species out there have a taste for human flesh.

In a long, dark night of the soul, Genghis Khan and his 200,000 essential administrators dream of building the Great Wall, and watch from their globe-spanning airship as the Wall destroys the world, fires rocket ships to Mars and invents the 21st century.


The Lost Cause was not lost, it was thrown away by a South not prepared to win the war it wanted, the American Civil War.  Here is an analysis of how the Southern culture of the middle of the 19th century made it all happen.

Romantic Comedy

Here are five lighthearted romance stories about the unintended consequences of love,

A novella about Oz, a clueless, sexist jerk who ought to be shot into space and forgotten except he is about to become a father and he is terrified, until he discovers his own heart, and  

The reason why the lives people lead on television always look better than your own, and don’t you want to know?


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We will start to publish paperback books in late 2017 and chapbooks in 2018.


Reading a book is a conversation between reader and writer and whoever else happens to be nearby and can be called over to “Hey, come read this!” A book is an invitation to argue, understand and discover something new. Please tell us what you think of our books.

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